• We continue to work in close-knit multi-skilled teams, just like the old days, because we have found that this is the best way to quickly build beautiful, easy-to-use UIs based on solid technology. So far we have been involved in almost a thousand UI projects with many of the world's leading organizations, often working behind the scenes. You'll find our art and technology in almost half a billion devices.A couple of years later, color screens came to mobile phones. We realized that we could make some really clever graphics rendering.
  • As an excellent team, executive force is more important than creativity, because creativity need talent, while executive power lies in the human effort.
  • Darwin thinks: the evolution of life lies in the gene mutation. Yes, creativity has been the motive force of human progress, it is a DNA that make the company progress .
  • Survival of the fittest, stress is a important standard to measure of whether the designers outstanding , how to find the social demand, how to solve the problem, be worth us to think of.